Tell the Story

Because everybody has a story to tell.

Corporate Video Production

We create corporate and personal videos that are sure to engage your audience.

Premium Real Estate Stories

Cinematic, compelling property and real estate videos that connect people emotionally to homes and create aspiration and wonder. Bespoke and exciting real estate agent and office profiles

Personal Moments

Re-live your most cherished memories with video content that tells your stories, biographies and special occasions for generations to come. A documentary for your family to keep forever

Global Cause Video Production

Filming locally and overseas for charities, not-for-profits, creating videos that connect people with resources to those on the field

Church Stories

We make testimonial video stories that are powerful. inspirational videos of hope and life. Church video production consultancy, as well as content for special occasions and milestones

Testimonial Video Stories

Testimonies from your clients are powerful. No one connects better with a potential client, than someone that has been there before and is satisfied. We film those stories in a way that creates engagement

For The Makers

You'll find content here that will help you create your own outstanding videos through tutorials, ideas. We share our knowledge freely with creators

For The Gear Lovers

For those who love filming gear and want the latest advice on products, you can find great reviews right here


Tell your story with an engaging video that engages your customers, captivates your audience, sells your product, captures your personal moments and helps you re-live your most cherished memories. Tell the Story utilises a wide variety of creative media including video and film, post-production, photography and motion effects. We offer highly compelling work for both business and personal projects that will truly connect with your audience.

Real Estate

Creating breathtaking videos that showcase your entire home

There's no better way to showcase your house to potential home buyers than giving them an engaging and interactive view of each room. Drones (where possible) add to the dramatic story

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Tell the whole story

Your story matters

We work closely with NGO's, Not-for-Profits and charities to create stories and content that moves people to action. These are priced for affordability, but produced for maximum impact

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Check out our work

It really speaks for itself.

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Our Clients Include

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